about us

About Us

MassMutual Ohio is a premiere insurance and financial services firm that has helped over 29,000 clients1 achieve their financial goals. We are headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, and we provide a full range of financial strategies, products and services to individuals, families and small businesses.

Our team offers a wide portfolio including life insurance, annuities, disability income insurance, long term care insurance, retirement planning strategies, estate planning strategies and college funding products. We also offer wealth management strategies, investment strategy services, business planning and more. Whatever your financial goal, we have the expertise and access to products that will help you get there.

Our success lies in our ability and commitment to listen and ask the right questions. We learn what is important to you. Once we have helped you identify your goals, our four-step process helps attain them. We analyze your current financial situation, make recommendations designed to help achieve your objectives, help you implement the recommended strategies and monitor them for changes in your objectives. This way, we can make sure that as life unfolds, you remain on track for financial success.

1 An insured, owner, or payer of a MassMutual policy or contract.